Wireless charging pad and tangle free phone cord

Inject a sense of style into your home and office

Specially designed


Enables outstanding durability – unlike any other charging cord

Top-quality materials


- Practical shape enables easy transport throughout the day
- Non-slip surface
- Stable during vibration

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A good looking wireless charger for your smartphone, tablet and smartwatch

We're convinced that technology should be both smart and good looking. It should solve time consuming and impractical needs, like untangling a cord. Or removing fluff from your smartphone connector. With this product you'll make life easier. Just put your device down on the pad, and it will charge while you work, sleep or spend time with loved ones. Which one is your favourite? Buy one here.

Why do I need a wireless smartphone charging station?

Our fast wireless charger removes the daily fuzz with damaged charging cables, damaged smartphone connectors and tangled cords. I you got more than one Qi-enabled device, you can charge them all with one of our wireless charging pads.

Which colors are available?

Our beautiful wireless charging pads come in three colors: Charcoal, Chestnut and Granite. Which one is the best match for your device and taste?

What other products are available?

We produce and sell the wireless charging stand / pad and the USB C-cable needed for connecting with its charger. Since we believe in focus and simplicity we don't sell any other products at the moment. This resonates with our idea of untangling life and make it more productive, while also bringing beauty to the everyday experience.

Which devices can be used?

All devices that are Qi-enabled. This should be stated in the manual that came with the device. Or simply google the name of your device+"Qi-enabled" and see. If you want to buy one of the products, do it here.

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