iPhone 11 wireless charger

Are you looking for a fast charger for iPhone 11 Pro Max or iPhone 11? With our 10 W charger you will charge smoothly and with ease. If you haven’t tried cordless charging before, QI charging will definitely be a relief to you. Check our good looking wireless charger here.

Do all iPhone 11 models support QI charging?

Both iPhone Pro 11, iPhone Pro Max 11 and iPhone 11 support wireless charghing. The predecessor models of iPhone, starting with iPhone 8 supports QI charging as well.

Why should I buy your iPhone 11 charger?

We deliver good products that also look good. The products from Scandinavian Accessories are beautiful and elegant, effective and totally tangle free! Get rid of the hassle with failing or damaged connectors.

Find a good iPhone 11 wireless charger here

Are QI chargers useful?

If you haven’t tried it, maybe it sounds like a no big deal. Plugging in the cord while working or sleeping is something you do everyday, after all. But once you try a QI charger, you will see the beauty and the simplicity of QI-charging.

Does wireless iPhonecharging work with a case?

In some cases it does (no pun intended). It all depends on the specific case from the manufacturer. You need to check that before buying a case. If it’s not compatible with QI charging, you can either remove the case while charging or get a new case.

How does the iPhone 11 QI technology work?

Qi charging is based on inductive technology. That means charging from surface to surface. This is not a new technology, but when it comes to smartphones from Apple and Samsung it’s rather new.

What does QI mean?

The name comes from Chinese philosophy and medicine, and refers to a circulating life force. The word literally means “air” or “breath”.

Do you need wireless charging for Android?

Are you a Samsung, Sony, Honor or Huawei user? Our products also work with your smartphone. Of course it also supports Google Pixel. Just put your smartphone down on the Scandinavian Accessories unit and it will commence charging instantly. Buy one of our products here.

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