Wireless charging for smartphones, smartwatches and tablets

  • Brand-independent wireless charging for your smartphone
  • No cable=no damage to the charging-connector
  • Simply put your phone down to start charging

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Get tangle free Qi wireless charging for smartphones and other gadgets. Buy this sleek and elegant wireless charger for iPhone, Samsung and other market leading trademarks. This beautiful product in Swedish design is 100% vegan, made of PLC and faux leather. It is also lead-free and environmentally friendly. It's a fast charge solution, and you can order it today.

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Wireless charging for smartphones, is that what you're looking for? Check out our products.

Wireless charger


Product Details

Our Wireless Charger

- Practical shape enables easy transport throughout the day
- Non-slip surface
- Stable during vibration


Scandinavian Accessories


Inject a sense of style into your home and office. High efficient charger. Put it on your nightstand or your desk.

Specially designed cord

This sleek, wireless charger in state of the art material comes with a specially made nylon cord – for unrivaled durability

Why you should use wireless charging for smartphones
Wireless charging for smartphones

Apple users, Samsung users, Google Pixel users and all other smartphone owners worldwide got the same problem: tangled cords. With Qi technology you simply put your smartphone down on the charging pad and charge wirelessly. If you place a charging pad next to your workplace, you won't even think about charging anymore. For owners of Samsung and iPhone wireless charging is a modern blessing.

What does wireless charging for smartphones mean?

Wireless charging or Qi charging is technically inductive charging. This means that two surfaces need to be in contact for charging to commence. One of the greatest benefits, apart from the tangle free part, is that your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch don't get worn by the daily charging most units need today. Connecting the charger cable to your device 365 times/year means the connector will be under a lot of pressure. Also, consider the peace of mind that comes with no more damaged charger cables.

What smartphones, tablets and smartwatches can be used with your charging stations?

Are you looking for wireless charging for Samsung, iPad wireless charging or want to see if your device supports our Qi wireless charger? The following devices work with our charging mat: 

There are new models of smartphones that work with wireless charging coming out every month. Rather than dropping names of all of them, be assured that most new flagship phones use QI technology. Search for *your model*+"wireless charging" or "QI charging" and you will see if it works.

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